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How to come to Ceillac and list of activities

Acces to Queyras and Ceillac

Print your itinerary to come to Ceillac from anywhere in Europe...

Click on this bond, a window with the site of our partner (, will open directly on the chart of Ceillac.  Within the small framework on the right of this chart, in the "Practical" heading, an icon will enable you to calculate your route. 

Plan of Ceillac and situation of the lodging

How to come to Ceillac :
  By  road:  N 202  to Guillestre , then follow the gorges of the river Guil for 12 km. Turn right after "Maison du Roy" for the climb to Ceillac (8 km).
By the train : Get off at Montdauphin-Guillestre. There is regular bus service from the station
to Ceillac . 

The Queyras, which is one of the highest inhabited areas of the Alps (Saint-Véran 2 055 m.),  enjoys an especially sunny climate.

List of Activities which you will be able to enjoy  in Ceillac and in the surrounding area during the course of the year :

SUMMER:  - Flora - Fauna - Fishing in lakes and streams - Jogging - Pedestrian excursians - Trekking - Climbing - Bicycle touring - V.T.T.  - Tennis - Paragliding - Guided tour of the village - Craft industry - Local festivals  - Canyoning - Adventure trails - Prepared rock climbing - Swimming pool  - Summer toboganning - Visits to nearby villages - Visits to sundials - Nature paths - Visits to the fortified  castle Chateau Queyras -  Cheese factory and wooden toy factory  in  Arvieux - Rafting  and canoeing in mountain streams.

WINTER:  - Ski touring - Skiing-walking - Snowshoeing - Diving under the ice - Climbing ice cascades - Ruisseling - Dog-sledding - Paragliding.....