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Believe me, beautiful days await you !



The Departemental  Tourist Committee of the Hautes-Alpes  


The Tourisme Site in the  Queyras 


Pedestrian walks and trekking in the Queyras  



The Queyras

It is nature in all her splendour; the flora, the fauna, the landscapes and the local traditions are protected and encouraged by the Régional Natural Park.

In winter, leave behind the gloomy weather. In the Queyras, on the mountain tops, the easy or difficult ski runs, the snow covered larches, the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful.

In summer, you will come back to find what winter has hidden from you : an exuberant and flower filled landscape, a fauna unique in Europe, wild areas, paths over mountain passes and meadows,woods and snow covered mountain tops. Rocky cliffs, lakes, mountains streams, water falls... A palette of landscapes to enjoy sports, leisure, and pleasure at will.

At any time of the year, come and discover the Queyras; its beauty, its genuineness, its history, and its bracing weather...

You will see your childrens' rosy cheeks after several days spent with us !!


begins where the road stops !

No super highways, no super markets, no fast food, no amusement parks...

Nothing but nature and natural products. Forests, mountain pastures, lakes and chamois as far as you can see...




Even in the village, the air is incredibly pure, friendships sincere, there are many diversions. From the cocks' crowing to the sheeps' bells, at Ceillac, everything rings true.

But Ceillac is also 350 mountaineers, the "Ceillaquins", who will welcome you as true friends, without artifice. Everyone will go about his business, but will be happy to offer you hospitality, to help you dicover the food and craft specialities of the region, and to share with you the traditional holidays.



The Queyras, Natural Regional Park


The Site of Ceillac